This is the place where I get to brag shamelessly.

I published his first novel in 1975 and has been writing ever since.  My books have been published from Japan to Russia and several have been international bestsellers.  I have written thrillers and historical novels--at least, those are the ones I have been able to persuade someone to buy.

And now for the bragging:  Publishers Weekly described me as “a master of timing, plot and style.”  The Associated Press said, “Nicholas Guild writes extremely well.  His sentences are tight and well-constructed, and, additional bonus, his plot and sub-plots cannot be faulted.”  The Cincinnati Enquirer said, “Guild writes extremely well.  He does the flashbacks so well you are unaware the action has stopped and the novelist is filling you in on the character’s past.”  The New York Times Book Review said, “The almost languid grace of his writing also sets the measured pace of the storytelling, while wrapping the narrative in an atmosphere thick with sensuality.”