Praise for The President’s Man:

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The President’s Man is a perfect example of what an espionage novel should be—a tense and fast-paced story, with an appealing, cynical-but-honorable hero and a classic superthriller plot.  It’s also a fascinating portrait of American politics.  And it’s well written, in a hard-boiled Raymond Chandler style that’s great fun to read.

Publishers Weekly
Jan. 22, 1982
Guild is an expert storyteller who keeps his well-rounded cast in constant suspenseful motion.

The Kansas City Star
May 28, 1982
Mr. Guild is a marvelously facile writer, and The President’s Man, because of its power and believability, is easily one of the best political action novels to come along since Advise and Consent.

LA Herald Examiner
July 11, 1982
For fast moving, hard to put down political intrigue, Nicholas Guild’s latest novel fits all the requirements.  Once again, he has spun a narrative with consummate skill and introduced complex characters as real as your best, or worse, friend.

The Clarion-Ledger •Jackson Daily News
April 4, 1982
The writing in this book is excellent.  In a genre that usually depends on tricks of espionage to rescue the good guys from the bad, adequate writing can often pass for good.  Guild, though, is genuine.  His prose is clear and his dialogue is easy and believable.
It is indeed a pleasure to read a political thriller to which the writer brings such good craftsmanship.

Asbury Park Press
March 9, 1982
WARNING!  Do not begin this book unless you have time on your hands.
Don’t make the mistake I did—and begin the book about midnight when you must be up early for work the next day.  You’ll get very little sleep.

Only rarely does a novel come along that really merits the hackneyed phrase “You can’t put it down.”  This does.