New York Times
June 3, 1984

Read a novel as cleanly composed and well-paced as Nicholas Guild’s “Berlin Warning” and you’ll never again be satisfied with ordinary thrillers.

Daily Telegraph
August 2, 1985
Equally enjoyable is Nicholas Guild's "The Berlin Warning", a Manhunt thriller which is far better written than most of the genre. . . Books that linger in the mind not only for the power of their plotting but also for the depth of their characterisation are rare, but this is one.

El Paso Herald Post
May 18, 1984
This is an excellent novel on three levels.  It is a well-paced spy story and a good piece of accurate historical fiction.  And it is disturbingly thought-provoking.

Library Journal
April 15, 1984
This is a swift and savage thriller that switches from hunted to hunter as it moves steadily across wartime Europe to a shattering conclusion on the streets of Washington.  Guild constructs realistic and complex heroes and villains, as well as a strong supporting cast.