Praise for THE FAVOR:

“The Favor” is a thriller, but it stands head and shoulders above most of the other entries in this genre.  Unlike the stick figures that populate so many of these books, the characters in “The Favor” are fully drawn and most believable.

In addition, Nicholas Guild writes extremely well.  His sentences are tight and well-constructed, and, additional bonus, his plot and sub-plots cannot be faulted

Phil Thomas, Associated Press

THE FAVOR is a spare, elegant book combining the style of a hard-boiled detective novel with the facts of a spy thriller.

Detroit Free Press


Well-drawn, realistic characters and an action-filled, intelligent plot make this a first-class thriller.

Library Journal


Nicholas Guild’s strongest feature as a writer lies in his wise and well-balanced use of long flashbacks while giving his main character a strong inner voice to reinforce his personality and marginal existence.

McAllen, Texas Valley Monitor, Dr. Albert De La Fuente


A professional assassin with feeling sounds like a contradiction in.  But not when he’s Raymond Guinness, the creation of thriller writer Nicholas Guild. . .  “The Favor” is easily his most most exciting assignment and Guild’s most accomplished work. . .  You will not find a tougher, harder hitting, more rousing story this season.

Buffalo Evening News